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gold Heraeus:
mm: 15x8,7x0,5 19,1x11,5x0,5 23x14x1 31,5x18,5x1,1 40,4x23,3x1,3 40,4x23,3x1,8 49,7x28,45x2 49,7x28,5x3,9
%: 99,99 99,99 99,99 99,99 99,99 99,99 99,99 99,99
€: 42 81 182 341 669 1022 1631 3216
It is the best decision: to buy gold bars.
The gold bars will be the choice when people do not only wish to make inversions but also to get stable earnings. Buying gold bars of the weight from 1 to 100 grams is the most profitable. Their Price is cheaper but it is easier to sell them. So the more bars you buy, the more money you earn. Having quite little savings everybody is able to earn for its own gold by means of the bonus program.
To buy gold bars: is it a competent investment with long-term perspectives?
«If I had money I would find the way to invert it». It is the matter many people pond in mind apart from experienced investors. They know that inversions must work. It means investments must produce profit. Some investments hold out a hope of future earnings meanwhile the other ones allow gaining profit right now. It is the investment gold. What is the right way to buy gold bars?
To buy Gold bars or Gold coins?
However, all not is gold that glitters. Not all types of gold allow making equal profit. For example, if you contact a bank, they likely offer you some gold coins. You may buy them but note please that you pay for collector’s articles. It is not so easy to sell them; therefore, it will not so easy to earn by means of them. Buying gold scrap is also offered quite often. It is not an efficient investment either.
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